Entering The Legal Profession: What You Need To Know

The legal profession is often seen as a superior and elite field, requiring much study, charisma, and ruthlessness, to be successful. Portrayed in television and general media as pragmatic and driven, the image of the lawyer is a set one. However, it is important to realize that beneath the so-called image created by external factors for the profession, a lawyer is an individual who takes up the grave responsibility of ensuring that those that cannot access justice for themselves are provided the tools to do so through a legal representative. 

Becoming a lawyer, although seemingly glamorous, is in fact a tedious task. Considered one of the most difficult areas of study worldwide, studying law requires hours of dedication and sleepless nights to ensure one receives the best qualification to enter the profession. Often, once completing their degree, individuals are expected to take the bar examination of that particular jurisdiction, to be allowed to practice as an Attorney at-law. This is followed by months of apprenticing, and then a waiting period for being hired.Hence, hard work and commitment is required to pursue this field. Additionally, a law student is expected to thoroughly examine and absorb many pivotal areas of law, so as to improve their memory and ability of retention of information, as this is necessary when representing an individual in court.

Furthermore, additional skills are also needed. These include well-developed debating and mooting skills, and the ability to work under pressure, as often, lawyers are faced with the difficult task of defending and representing those with prior convictions and with bad rapport in the eyes of the general public. This calls for the a lawyer to be steadfast and firm in his dealings, as he will most likely receive flack for representing what society may consider a criminal.

On many occasions, a lawyer is also expected to wear many hats, such as actual legal representative, financial advisor in Brisbane, and even publicist. This will be due to the fact that most individuals are laymen; that is they do not usually know how to handle a legally challenging situation, especially one that has caught the attention of the general public, and therefore, rely on their lawyers.

A lawyer, above all other concerns, is given the task of defending an individual’s life, and being the deciding factor between a free life and incarceration. Sometimes, he is the only obstacle standing between the freedom and imminent death of an individual, as some jurisdictions still allow capital punishment for certain crimes.